La Campagne beach, The Good Beach, Landmark Beach

The best beaches in Lagos compete for the number 1 spot base on cleanliness, value for money, safety and tourist choice. This blog highlights the difference between La campagne Oniru, The Good Beach, Oniru beach and Landmark beach.  You can take a virtual tour of these beaches by visiting our Youtube Channel Here.

La campagne Oniru

La Campagne Oniru

Entrance fee for La Campaigne Oniru in 2022 is N5000 per person.

You are allowed  to bring in your food but at an extra 1k corkage charge.

La Campagne Oniru is located at Oniru, water corporation way, Lagos.

The good beach

The Good Beach

Entrance fee for The Good Beach in 2022 is N4000 per person.

You are not allowed  to bring in your food, there is a food menu and bar at the beach.

The Good beach is located beside La campaigne Oniru, water corporation way, Lagos.

Oniru beach

Oniru Beach

Entrance fee for Oniru beach 2022 is N2,000 per person.

You are allowed to bring in your food and there is no extra charge for this.

La Campagne Oniru is located at Oniru, water corporation way, Lagos.

Landmark beach

Landmark Beach

Entrance fee for Landmark in 2022 is N2000 per person during the week and N3,500 per person on weekends.

You are allowed  to bring in your food but at an extra 20k – 40k corkage charge.

Landmark beach is located at Oniru, water corporation way, Lagos.

Features La Campagne Oniru The Good Beach Oniru Beach Landmark Beach
Entry Fee₦5,000₦4,000₦2,000₦3,500
Corkage fee₦1000₦0₦0₦10k – 40k
Pool SideNot availableAvailableNot availableAvailable
Quad Bike₦7,000Not availableNot availableNot available
Kayaking₦1,000₦10,000Not availableNot available
PopulationSparingly PopulatedSparingly PopulatedOver populatedOver populated
Clean ToiletVery clean ToiletVery clean ToiletNot Clean nor AvailableVery clean toilet
Beach Hygiene80%80%90%40%
Chair & TablesFreeFree₦3,000₦5,000
ConclusionSane & Budget friendlyBougie VibesFor everyonePremium & Pricey

While at the beach, here are some activities you can do that does not involve paying money. Check out other Top beaches and their prices in 2022, List of Private and Public beaches in Lagos. If you are thinking of visiting the best beaches in Lagos for your birthday, wedding reception or End of year party contact or whatsapp us on 07052111502 to ask questions or get us to plan it for you.

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