Boat cruise price in Lekki 2022

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Are you looking for the Best Boat Cruise in Lagos and their prices? or are you going to Tarkwa bay beach or ilashe beach and you need a boat? Are you looking for the best boat cruise in Lagos to celebrate your birthday, Anniversary or Reunion in a classy and bougie way? Do you want to propose to your girlfriend and you want it to be romantic and special? Here are the prices of some boats in Lekki, Ikoyi and Victoria island, Lagos.

Best boat cruise in Lagos,Nigeria

The best boat cruise in Lagos must offer the following

1. Clean boat

2. A good captain and deck man

3. Good music and working speakers 

4. Provide parking space for cars

5. Provide value added service like drinks and finger food but at an extra charge

6. Prioritize Safety for kids and adult

A company that does all of these perfectly is Kampari tours, It is probably the only company that does all of these effortlessly and offers you great value for your money.

Boat Cruise Price in Lagos

In case you are wondering, not all boat cruise come with full benefits like Finger food, wine and Soda drinks, but Kampari tours has a package that covers this extra value service. The pricing for boat cruise in lagos depends on the number of individuals, luxury, number of hours and level of hospitality


On a cruise of one to ten people (1-10), the price is 60,000 Naira per hour. 

The price is slightly higher if you are going in groups of over ten persons, for a cruise of eleven to fifteen people (11-15), the price is 130,000 Naira per hour while the cost is 150,000 Naira per hour for a Yacht cruise of fifteen to twenty people (20) people.



Kampari Tours is currently offering these price ranges for you with the best standards of pleasure and professionalism. If you seek thrill and adventures; you should definitely book a cruise with us. If you seek a specific boat cruise, then read on to see the full price list.

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Price of boat ride to Tarkwa bay

Known to all and sundry, Tarkwa bay beach is a serene beach only accessible via boat. This means you need a boat cruise that is safe and enjoyable while venturing to this famous Lagos beach. You might also be wondering how much it cost to go to Tarkwa bay, below are the prices. The price to and fro Tarkwa Bay for ten (1 -10) people is 70,000 Naira. The price for fifteen people (11-15) to and fro Tarkwa Bay beach is 100,000 NairaThe cost is 150,000 Naira for a 15 seater Yatch. Check out what the boats look like HERE.   You can also check out how to get affordable boat ride in Lagos Here

Price of Boat ride to Ilashe Beach

With beautifully arranged coconut and palm trees, make your own escape into Ilashe Beach, Lagos Nigeria. Before you go to ilashe check out the things you must know before you go to ilashe.


If you are going to Ilashe beach you must have booked a beach house already but if you haven’t don’t worry we could help you book the beach house for your parties, birthday and group hangouts. There are no public access beaches at Ilashe  so make sure you call our representative first on 07052111502.


Boat rides in Lagos to Ilashe Beach cost 100,000 thousand naira for a 10-seater boat and 120,000 Naira for a 15-seater boat.

The price of a yatch to ilashe cost 180,000 thousand naira for 15 people. If you want a 25 – 30 seater boat to Ilashe it cost 180,000 Naira. 

Most boats come with sound system, great captains and here is the best part you can make all your reservations online without stress with Kampari tours.

You can also check out how to get affordable boat ride in Lagos Here. Check out the videos of the boat HERE.



If you want a well-seasoned team to handle the logistics of booking a boat cruise; Kampari Tours does this with ease and perfection. Contact them now on 07052111502 to get started.

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