10 Date ideas for valentine in Nigeria 2022

Thinking of how make valentines day special with unique valentines day ideas for a date night? Or you just don’t know what to do on valentines  day with your wife. Check out date ideas for valentine in Nigeria. You can also check out top 5 places to visit this Valentine or 20 Romantic and proposal ideas.

Date ideas for valentine in Nigeria

1. Candle making

Candle making involves a whole lot of emotions at every stage… it’s fun, a little hazardous, kinda technical, beautiful to watch and therapeutic according to Tega.

Location: Your house or at breathers, ikoyi.

Average cost

NGN 26,000 per couple

Date ideas for valentine in Nigeria

2. Outdoor cinema

It is always beautiful to cuddle, kiss and enjoy quality time under the stars.

You would enjoy an outdoor Movie, A 3 course meal, Wine/Juice, Popcorn and Drinks, Water and Music.

Location: Your house or at any garden in Lekki phase 1. Packages are also arranged by Kampari tours

Average cost

NGN 70,000 per couple

Valentine boat cruise

3. Boat cruise

Another amazing date idea for valentine in Nigeria is Boat cruising, It is simply 1 hour or 2 hours on water watching the sunset with the wind passing through her hair. This is not just relaxing, it is very romantic and memorable. This package should come with a bottle of champagne, glass cups, finger foods, music, life jacket and the cruise itself.

Shared yatch cost 40k per couple, Private boat cost 100k per couple.

Location; You can get a boat from kampari tours.

Average cost

NGN 40,000 per couple

sip and paint in lagos

4. Sip and paint

Painting with your partner screams quality time. Sipping some red wine while cracking silly jokes. Because you get to take your canvas home, this is a beautiful way to relive your happy moment.

This package covers the canvas, the paint, and unlimited wine fills.

Location: Ikoyi, Victoria island and at Kampari tours, Lekki.

Average cost

NGN 20,000 per couple

Date ideas for valentine in Nigeria

5. Comedy/Theatre show

Who doesn’t love a comedy show? Just make sure it’s not one of those shows where you stand for hours. Comedy or theatre shows are relaxing, fun and filled with highlights.

Location; Usually Eko convention center, Terra culture or Muson center.

Average cost

NGN 20,000 per couple

Date ideas for valentine in Nigeria

6. Picnic at a private beach

This is probably the 1 of the fanciest thing to do. It isn’t very fancy when you do it at a crowded beach. Private beach side or not so populated beaches are perfect for this. Check out this list of beaches in Nigeria.

This package covers Food platter, Champagne and water, Sun shade, Picnic mats, pillows and music.

Location; Ilashe bwach, Tarkwa bay, Jara beach, Sail Harbour. Check out more here 

Average cost

NGN100,000 per couple

pedal boat in lagos

7. Pedal boating

This is a budget friendly boat cruise, the only difference is you can drive it at night and you have to drive it yourself. It offers same intimacy and serenity of a boat cruise and 1 of the intimate date ideas for valentine.

This package come s with A bottle of wine, 2 hours ride, finger food, music.

Location; Kampari tours

Average cost

NGN 40,000 per couple

8. A date at a cozy restaurant

The good old date nights happens in restaurants.  In the past, restaurants like Mr Biggs and TFC were the go to restaurants for dates.  Between then and now fine dining restaurants have sprung up and they provide the perfect ambience, food and drinks.

Location; Circa, Kapadocia, Shiro, Ebony life.

Average cost

NGN 50,000 per couple

Date ideas for valentine in Nigeria

9. Surprise International or domestic Staycation getaway

A surprise trip to a different country is probably the most exciteful and thoughtful experience any couple can have. Before you embark on such trip make sure your partner has the required documents for travelling.

Average cost

NGN 336,000

Valentine ideas in 2022

10. A good old dinner date at your place

Home they say is where the heart is.

Your apartment can effortlessly have the warmth and the cozy decor of any restaurant. It takes lots of energy and time especially if you want to do everything yourself. You can also outsource this to someone to do this for you. 

Average cost


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