10 Fun things to do in Lagos

Kayaking with a group in Lagos

1. Visit the beach

If you are in Lagos, you can never tire of this activity. There are several beaches with their different unique experience. On a beach, you can relax, enjoy the ocean breeze, play beach soccer and volleyball, have a picnic, go shell picking, read a book while sipping on wine, the list is just endless. If you have extra time, you can spend a day or two in an exotic beach house to enjoy the maximum experience. Examples of popular beaches in Lagos are Tarkwa Bay, ilashe beach, Landmark beach, Elegushi beach, La Campaigne beach resort, Lekki leisure lake, and Oniru Beach. These beaches range in exclusivity, luxury and pricing. Check out this article on the top popular beaches in Lagos and their Prices.

Fortunately, there is a tourism company that allows you enjoy and have the full beach experience without the hassle of planning. You should read till the end to find out how. 

Budget: Entrance fee for beaches in Lagos ranges from N2000 – N5000 per person with parking fee ranges from N500 – 2000 depending on the make of your car.

2. Go boat cruising

Boat cruises are trending in Lagos and other parts of the world right now. The sheer joy of partying with a loved one or a group of friends on a boat is something worth experiencing. While visiting a beach allows you enjoy the ocean view from the shores; boat cruises give you the ultimate opportunity of sailing through the Atlantic Ocean with the cool breeze, breath taking view, good music and some alone time away from the noise.

There are a few corporate boat rental companies in Lagos but Kampari Tours offers personalized boat cruises at budget friendly prices base on your preferred level of luxury. You can also check out this blog on Boat cruise prices in Lekki and another on how to get affordable boat rides in Lagos.

Budget: N60,000 – N150,000 depending on the size of the boat and luxury

3. Go Sightseeing

If you want to visit a lot of places and take nice pictures, then you can always try sightseeing. Lagos is a modern city that has kept its ancient traditional features, these sites are now tourist destinations. An example is Badagry town; a place famous for the slave trade in the early days. Monuments, relics, and fascinating stories still lie abound in the town, even the first storey building erected in Nigeria still stands in Badagry to date.

Other sites of attraction include Freedom Park, Lekki Conservation Centre, Lufasi park , Omu resort, National museum, Nike art gallery, Jakande market. Whether it is visiting historical sites or watching animals in their natural habitat; sightseeing is always fun with the right person group or person.

Budget: Free – N2000 Per person

4. Go Paintballing

Paintballing is a favourite leisure activity for partners and a close group of friends. If you are not familiar with paint balling, it is a sport where teams shoot each other with pellets made of paint-like dye. Think of it like a mini-SWAT combat mission simulation, but with the fun and suspense (and no injuries of course). When organised right, paint balling is one of the best fun things you can do in Lagos. You can also network, hang out, and make new friends before and after the event. Kampari tours organizes these paintballing hangouts in Lagos.

Yes, Kampari Tours organizes amazing paintball events for small groups and large group and company hangouts at serene locations. The customer service is also excellent.

Budget: N8,500 – 9000 per person

5. Pedal Boats riding

Pedal Boats is usually found in very few resorts in Lagos but Kampari tours has a pedal boat for sunset viewing or a quiet and intimate date with bae. The package last for 2 hours with a bottle of sparkling wine, some ice in a bucket and some finger foods. The pedal boat has been used by couples for the engagement shoot and even proposal dates. If you want the beautiful view of the Lagos lagoon and not have to pay through your nose, this is a perfect activity for you.

Budget: The fee for pedal boating in Lagos is N25,000 for 2 hours cruise with a bottle of wine and music.

6. Go Scuba Diving

This is relatively uncommon in Nigeria but they do it in Lagos. SCUBA (short for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving is a water activity where an equipped diver goes below the ocean’s water to have fun while witnessing nature. The downside of scuba diving in Lagos is that it is an expensive activity and there are little or no options when selecting a place or club to do it. However, if you are ready to conduct your due diligence, scuba diving is worth trying in Lagos.

 7. Go Shopping

This is a common activity in Lagos, and there are many options to choose. From Ikeja city mall on the mainland to Palms Shopping Mall at Lagos island; Lagos has some of the biggest shopping centers in Africa. Seeing the sheer size of these malls amplifies your shopping experience. As long as you have money, there is always something to buy or an activity to do. Asides shopping in theses malls, these malls have movies arena,  games arena, and karaoke bar to give extra value to your experience.

Other general markets to visit are Katanguan market in Agege, Tejuosho market, Aswani market, Oshodi market(perfect for aseobi), Bali market off broad street close to Afribank (perfect for corporate wear)

8. Go Kayaking

Another water-related activity in major cities of the world is Kayaking. Kayaking involves the use of paddles on a Tandems or inflatable canoe-like vessels called kayaks. While kayaking is both breathtaking; this activity ensures you have fun, relax, and learn at the same time. Kampari tours is one of the very few companies to teach and deliver such beautiful experience to Lagosians. If you are interested, Kampari tours has an exclusive kayaking membership just for you. 

9. Attending an Owambe

This activity looks odd on this list but the people of Lagos often celebrate in grand style. Owambe (the Yoruba word for ’party’) are celebrations ranging from weddings, naming ceremonies to birthday parties. Owambe is a great way to relax, unwind and have fun. There is always food, drinks, laughter, dance and the occasional banter towards the celebrants. If you are a stranger to Owambe, all you need is an invite from a friend, clean neat native wear (known as asoebi), smile a lot and learn to show up in style. 

10. Go salsa dancing

Salsa teaches a lot about control and letting go. If you like dancing and you are looking for something intimate, challenging and engaging, while sipping on some wine and eating good food, try salsa dancing. You can go salsa dancing at any of the lounges in Victoria island that provide the classes like CCX Lagos or Smokey bones lounge but it is only on Fridays.

How to Have the Best Fun in Lagos

When trying to have fun in Lagos; there is always the stress of planning, buying food and trying to organize additional activities (in case of group hangouts). This could suck out the fun and enjoyment you planned on having. Worry no more because Kampari Tours got you covered.

From boat cruises, kayaking, paintballing to visiting beach resorts. Kampari Tours organizes these fun-filled activities with no stress on your part. We are a foremost tours company, promoting professionalism coupled with excellent customer service.

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