Rent affordable Boat rides in Lagos, Nigeria

Rent a boat cruise in Lagos

You want to have a good time with your friends but you don’t want to break the bank, here is how to get affordable boat rides in Lagos, Nigeria. In order to know how to get affordable boats you need to first familiarize yourself with the popular jetties in Lagos.

Jetties in Lagos,Nigeria

Jetties are basically areas of land dedicated for storing, docking and launching of boats in a waterbody. There are probably more than 100 jetties within Lagos all scatter along the Lagos Lagoon from Epe to Badagry but the most popular jetties are as follows.

1. Five Cowry Terminal, Falomo

2. Fiki Jetty, Victoria Island

3. CMS jetty, CMS

4. Ikoyi Jetty, Ikoyi

5. Liverpool Jetty

6. Coconut Jetty, Ajegunle to mention just a few

How to get affordable boat rides in Lagos

  • The first way to get affordable boats is to go to every one of this jetties or call a representative and bargain prices. By going to every one of them you get to see what they have and how it tallies with your budget. The disadvantage of this is that it is really stressful and you would spend money going to these places and airtime calling all the reps. You may even end up confused and going with the not so great option due to information overload.
  • The second way is to select just 2 of these jetties and call any of the representatives, the representative would send you pictures of different boat options base on your request and the different prices (You can check out boat cruise prices in Lagos here. You would then select your possible choice and probably schedule a date for inspection where necessary.
  • The third way is to have a plug that can help you always get the best deals. A sure plug that i know of and i have used is Kampari tours but you can check out possible prices of boats here

Best boat cruise in Lagos

The best boat cruise in Lagos must offer the following

1. Clean boat

2. A good captain and deckhand

3. Good music and working speakers 

4. Provide parking space for cars

5. Provide value added service like drinks and finger food but at an extra fee

6. Prioritize Safety for kids and adult

A company that offer both affordable boat cruise, boat rides in Lagos and frees you of all the stress and headache Kampari tours, they are one of the best company that does all of these effortlessly and offers you great value for your money.


You should check out Boat cruise prices in Lagos to help and guide you to make a decision.


If you want a well-seasoned team to handle the logistics of booking a boat cruise; Kampari Tours does this with ease and perfection. Contact a rep now on 07052111502 to get started.

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