Your Company's retreat in Nigeria just got easy to plan.

We understand each group has a unique need, this is why we provide the best team bonding retreats in Nigeria. We have bespoke packages that is right for you and fits your budget.

It’s All About You and Made For You

Our consultants help you choose the right activity that suit the team’s need and company budget providing the right amount of fun while learning.

Team bonding in Nigeria can happen anywhere, with any budget, different teams/individuals and require different activities. We plan the best team bonding retreats in Nigeria including Lagos . It is our job to take the stress of you while giving you value for your money and time.

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Company Retreat Plans in Nigeria

Choosing the right plan & package for your next Company retreat. 

We have 3 types of plans;Quarterly plan, Biannual, Annual plans. Company retreat should be done at least twice a year and should be part of the annual budget. If this is your first team bonding, we can help your company create a plan that runs year in ,year out. We’ve also got bespoke packages for you if the packages listed below do not appeal to you.  The prices listed below are a combination of  1 or more options or just one option depending on the options that are combined.

Team of 1 - 15

23,000 / person
  • Covers 2 - 3 options
  • Kayaking
  • Paintballing
  • Omu resort
  • Beach hangout
  • Board Games
  • 5k worth of food and drinks
  • Sienna Pick up and drop off

Team of 15 - 25

40,000 / person
  • Covers 2 - 3 options
  • Kayaking
  • Paintballing
  • Omu resort
  • Sip and paint
  • Beach hangout
  • Private beach house
  • Coaster bus transportation

Team of 25 - 50

45,000 / person
  • Covers 2 - 3 options
  • Omu resort
  • Paintballing
  • Resort staycation
  • Beach house Rental
  • 3 hours Yatch cruise
  • Kayaking, Sip and paint
  • Boat ride to beach

Team >50

50,000 / person
  • Covers 2 options
  • Boat ride
  • Omu resort
  • Shortlet Apartment
  • Beach house Rental
  • 3 hours Yatch Cruise
  • Beach hangout with Sip & paint


200,000 / person
  • Covers 1 option
  • 2 nights in Benin Republic
  • 3 nights in Badagry
  • 3 nights in Lakowe lakes
  • 3 nights at Jara resort
  • 3 nights at tarkwa bay
  • 3 nights in Abeokuta
  • 3 nights at Benin Republic

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Team bonding in Lagos, Nigeria

If you have the location and other important items already taken care of but you need a facilitator or games master to handle the team bonding session of your program, look no further. We have facilitators and game master who handle the main team bonding activities, you can choose either of them depending on your budget, your company’s goal for the retreat and preference.  You can hire our facilitators or game masters as stand alone or incorporated into your activity for the day.


Our Facilitators are seasoned and have 9 years of experience
per person
  • Personality analysis
  • 3 activities per day
  • Does a debriefing after games
  • Advised for medium to big corporations
  • Perfect for teams between 30 - 500 people
  • Does a briefing before the start of team bonding games

Games Master

Our Game masters have been curating amazing sessions for over 4 years
base fee
  • Introduces the activities for the day & rules
  • Advised for small to medium teams
  • Manges the games and activities
  • Perfect for teams between 1 - 35 people
  • 3 activities per day

Team bonding in Nigeria; the perfect getaway for
your amazing team

Why do your team bonding retreat
with us

Great Customer Experience

At Kampari tours, we ensure your retreat is memorable, fun, relaxing and great for your team. Our team is available to answer any question via mail, whatsapp or mobile call.

Budget-Friendly Experience

We have created different packages unique to you and your team. These packages are budget friendly to ensure you do not break the bank.

We do the work for you

We do the running around so you can focus on the things that matter. We also create biannual and annual plans so you know your calender for the year and can forecast expenditure.

Great Value for Money

Value is our second name, we embody it in everything we do. We not only pick out the best locations, we also ensure the nitty-gritty are taken care of.

What to expect when we host your team bonding

Unpack a magical experience that makes staffs bond and everyone relaxed. We host amazing Team bonding retreats in Nigeria

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“ It was fun but I wish it could have lasted a little bit longer. ”
Susan Ameh
“ It was fun, relaxing and a whole new experience... Really enjoyed it. ”
Odiawa Izehikhoro

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