Beach house in ilashe beach and tarkwa bay

Top 10 beach houses in Lagos, Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria, beaches are popular destinations for rest and relaxation. You can surf, hang out, play games, and have great fun at beaches. However, not all beaches have affordable resorts to actually relax. If you need a beach house at ilashe or tarkwa bay for that getaway or luxury party experience then you should be reading this blog post. We complied this list of Top 10 beach houses based on Customer experience, popularity, ease of entry, and hospitality and Affordability.


In no particular preference, the top 10 beach houses in Lagos, Nigeria are:

Affordable Beach houses at Tarkwa bay

1. Light house Beach house

The is the recent beach house located in tarkwa bay causing waves on social media. It is ranked at one of the most beautiful beach houses in tarkwa bay, it definitely offers you value for your money.

Standard room at light house beach house cost N95,000 while the Deluxe cost N110,000

Entrance fee and Day pass at lighthouse beach house cost N25,000 per person and this covers cocktails and lunch.

2. Jaybee Beach Camp and Tarkwa Cafe

In Lagos, it is rare to find a beach house that has a blend of food, drinks, and an exceptional experience yet, Jaybee Beach Camp does this with ease and excellence. Along Tarkwa Bay beach front, this beach house is the perfect place to enjoy the serenity at Tarkwa beach, Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from the fully serviced cabins, Jaybee beach camp has beautiful and well-maintained gardens.

If you plan on visiting Tarkwa bay soon; Kampari Tours offers affordable rides and tours.

boat ride to Tarkwa bay for 1 to 10 persons is 60,000 Naira. The gate fee at Tarkwa bay is 1,000 Naira.

Check out these tips on how to get affordable boat rides in Lagos.

Beach house at Ilashe beach

3. Scencillo beach house

Scencillo is home to celebrity, artists and the cream de la cream of the society. It is one of the luxurious beach houses on the coast. Most of the videos by Zlatan, Burna boy, Tiwa Savage and the likes were shot here. It is strictly by reservation and reservation must be done well ahead of your planned date.  

Cost/Budget to rent Scencillo beach house starts from N1 million naira for overnight stay.

4. Mami Chula beach house

Mami Chula come next in luxury, it has a mini golfing area and has quite a lot of green which gives it a homelier feel. Like Scencillo it is strictly by reservation and reservation must be done well ahead of time. The sugar daddies of Lagos hang out at Mami Chula because of its homely feel and exclusivity.

Budget/Cost to rent Mami Chula Beach house starts from 950,000 naira per night. 

5. HOV beach house

HOV is probably the most popular because it has about 4 villas which has a unique look facing the Atlantic Ocean. Major parties happen in HOV because it is relatively affordable and the management are friendly.

Budget/Cost per person for Sunday is N35,000 meal, a soft drink and boat cruise to/fro the beach house


To rent HOV beach house for your birthday party cost N850,000-day pass.

6. La Manga Luxury Beach Villas

Your vacation would be perfect here if you are going there for a company retreat or a large group booking their cabins. It is also perfect for exclusive corporate and private events. La manga is gated so your security is guaranteed, the cabin has AC and have their room facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Budget/cost of booking La manga luxury beach house for day use is N850,000

7. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Kamp Ikare Beach resort is one of the best beach houses in West Africa. Because it is at the coastal village of Ikare, it is only accessible by boat. However, the modern style of Kamp Ikare beach resort makes it perfect for relaxing holiday visits. The booking price still falls within the mid-range, so it is affordable.

Budget/cost of renting Ikare beach house is N500,000

8. Inagbe Grand Resort


Owned by the great Ooni of Ife, Inagbe Grand Resort aims to compete with the world’s most popular resorts. And the resort is doing an outstanding job too. The rooms are air-conditioned providing comfort and convenience. If you are a lover of tradition; Inagbe grand resort is a place you must try out.

You can only get to these beach houses by water hence you need boat rides to take you and your friends there, Check out these tips on how to get affordable boat rides in Lagos.

Beach houses at Eleko beach, Lagos

9.  La Campaigne Tropical Resort

If you truly want to experience African luxury, La Campaigne tropical resort is the best place to be.  it is accessible by road and water; this thrilling beach resort is at Ijebu-Lekki (which is just a 2-hour drive from Victoria Island). La Campaigne is truly a place of wondrous sights, the view of the Atlantic Ocean from this resort is just breathtaking. Other attractions on La Campaigne tropical resort are boat cruises, kayaking, burn fire, dining on the water and so many more. You can also enjoy a ‘daycation’ – a full-day vacation right there at this resort.

Yes, Kampari Tours organizes private and public tours to this magnificent beach resort. You can contact us now to get your experience at La Campaigne Tropical resort. The kayaking experience with Kampari Tours costs 6,500 Naira. (this covers the entrance fee to the resort)

Cost/Entrance fee to La Campaigne beach house: N6000

10. Chaka Resort

Chaka resort is one of the best beach-front resorts in Lagos, Nigeria. This means you get a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean after booking a room. Amazing, right? That’s not all. Chaka resort also has an outdoor pool, conference hall, and an onsite restaurant. This means you can eat, have fun at the beach while hosting a corporate meeting.

Budget/Entry fee of Chaka resort is 2,000 Naira.


Kampari tours offers exclusive trips to Chaka resorts for 5,000 Naira (This excludes the entrance fee). Watch out this lady’s review and visit to Chaka resort on Youtube.

Yeah, this is the complete list of the top ten beach houses in Lagos, Nigeria, don’t forget. Kampari tours offers exclusive boat rides to any of these beach resorts.

How to book a beach house in Lagos,Nigeria

1.      Pick a preferred location Ilashe or Tarkwa bay. Ilashe is about 45 mins while Tarkwa bay is just 20 mins this is why it is cheaper to go to Tarkwa by than ilashe.

2.     Pick your preferred Exclusivity: Tarkwa bay is a public beach hence it is open to all and you can book on a per person basis while Ilashe beach is strictly private and requires you to book for the whole beach house and ahead of your visit.

3.    After identifying your preferences next step to confirm if you can pay at the location or strictly online, some beach house requires you to make a deposit to secure a booking.

4.     Book a boat ride to your destination and make sure this is sorted out at least 3 days to the day of your event. You can book a boat to ilashe or tarkwa bay with Kampari tours

5.     Show up at the time and day of your booking.

6.  Make sure you don’t forget your music, food and drink

Check out these useful tips on how to get affordable boat rides in Lagos.

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