Popular Beaches in Lagos and their Entrance Prices 2022

Popular beach in lagos

There are over 30 beaches in Lagos, all ranging in price, location, neatness, exclusivity and popularity. The further the beach is from Lekki, Lagos the more expensive it is to get there. We would be talking about the popular beaches in Lagos along the following coastline: Tarkwa bay, ilashe, Eleko, Oniru, and Ogbombo (Ajah).

Check out my beautiful experience at Chaka beach resort located at Eleko, Lagos  

Top 10 Beaches in Lagos and their Entrance Fee 2022

Popular public beaches in Lagos


Water corporation, Oniru


Landmark beach is the first premium beach in Lagos and has the first floating inflatable Water Park in Nigeria, it is a luxury and lifestyle relaxation beach. It is now 1 of the most organised, clean and premium public beaches in Lagos as many new beaches have sprung up in the last few months.

Gate fee for Landmark beach is N2000 per adult weekdays, N3500 weekend and N1000 for kids under 13, the seats cost N2000 and it doesn’t come with any cover.

Cabanas cost N25,000 and corkage fees and get up to N45,000 depending on the number of coolers you are carrying.


Eleko, Lagos


La Campaigne Tropicana is a resort and a beach, it is one of the popular beaches in Lagos that offers great value for money although it is very far from the city, beach lovers travel all the way because of it’s value and service driven experience. The beach has a beautiful scenery with palm trees, white sand, green grass for picnics and has the longest swimming pool in Africa sighted within the premises. This beach is located after Dangote refineries at Eleko, it is about 3 hours drive from Lekki to Eleko but you can also access this beach by boats. Check out this video of how La campaigne tropicana looks on the inside.


The Entrance fee at La Campaigne tropicana is N7000 inclusive of corkage fee.



Tarkwa bay


Tarkwa bay is the 2nd most popular beach in Lagos but it is only accessible by water hence you need a boat to get there. The cruise to tarkwa is fun and this is what makes it an exciting beach to visit. The cost of a boat ride to Tarkwa bay ranges from N500 for banana boats to 7000 per person private boat depending on the kind of boat you want.

Here is an article on how to get affordable boat cruise in lagos. When people say I am going to Tarkwa bay beach, they mean I am going to the beach front but there are actually other businesses that have their beach house at Tarkwa bay beach front like Light house beach house, POP and Jaybee beach house. Check out the list of beach houses in Lagos in our other blog post. 

The entrance fee at Tarkwa Bay is N1000 but you have to rent chairs, music speakers and tents. The price for seats and tents vary base on the seller you get it from but the cost ranges from N1000 – N5000.


Water corporation, Oniru


This is by far the most popular beach in Lagos but has very poor management.  It is difficult to get a nice rest room at Eleguishi, there are no trash bins around to trash disposables and it is always very crowded and noisy. If you like the buzz and the crowd and you are on a budget, then this is a perfect beach for you.

Like Tarkwa bay, there are a lot of lounges at Elegushi beach front like Wave beach, skyfall lounge, 100% bar and lounge, Mood lounge and the likes so you might want to patronise these lounges to have a more inclusive experience.


The entrance fee at Elegushi is N2000 for adults and 1000 for kids but you have to rent chairs, music speakers and tents. The price for seats and tents varies base on the seller you get it from but the cost ranges from N1000 – N5000. 



Water corporation, Oniru


Lekki leisure lake is on the same coast line with Landmark, Oniru beach and Elegushi, it has the same serenity and calm as landmark but doesn’t have the fun activity you could do like those of landmark. It is perfect for people who are on a budget, who like clean beaches, some quiet and good company. Lekki leisure lake also has one of the best chicken and chips along the coast line.

The Entrance fee per person for Oniru Beach is 2000 Naira



Ogbombo, Abraham Adesanya (Ajah).


If you are planning a birthday beach party and you don’t want to break the bank, your best bet is santa cruz beach. The beach management are understanding and flexible, there are horses for rent, a lot of sea shells to pick.

The Entrance fee for Santa Cruz Beach is N2000 but you would have to pay a one-off fee of N5000 to bring in your food and drinks.



Ogbombo, Abraham Adesanya (Ajah).


Barracuda beach is one of the popular beaches in Lagos that is public and affordable. Barracuda beach is loved by many because it has a good parking space, the management are courteous and it is relatively affordable to host a beach party here. This beach is perfect for see shell picking ad horse riding.

The Entrance fee for Barracuda Beach and Atican beach is 1000 Naira but you would have to pay corkage fee which is totally negotiable.

8. Whitedeck Resort - Ajah

Whitedeck resort is located at  off Okun Ajah at Abraham Adesanya, Lagos. It prides itself as one of the very few beaches with a pool side in the Ajah axis. People love white deck because it also has a lodging facility.  White deck has beautiful cabanas and penthouse with a seaview perfect for birthday parties.

9. The Good beach - Oniru

The good beach actually lives by it’s name. It was launched in April 2022 and It is the perfect balance between the soft life and the affordable life. It’s facility is probably the only one with an open pool, affordable entrance fee and nice looking cabanas. You can also read the difference between the good beach, Landmark, Oniru beach and La Campaigne in this blog post.

Entrance fee is 5,000. It includes a free cocktail and a shared seat on the beach.  Regular cabana for 10 people – 50,000. It offers beach access, cabana, free food and drinks. Outdoor food is not allowed in.

11. Avista Beach - Ogombo

Avista beach located in the Ogombo Axis. It is one of the sanest and safest beaches in Ogombo. Open hours 11am – 6pm (strictly). Corkage fee applies if you are bringing in food and drinks.

12. La Campaigne Oniru - Oniru

Launched in December 2021, La campaigne now has a branch in oniru.  You can watch a video of what it looks like here. You can also read the difference between The good beach, Landmark, Oniru beach and La Campaigne in this blog post.

Popular private beaches in Lagos, Nigeria


Eleko, Lagos


Jara beach is located in Lagos Trade Free Zone, it is exclusive and strictly by pre-booking. It only has 6 rentable rooms which are worth every penny. The beach is quiet and exclusive, the environment is clean and welcoming. The trash generated by visitors are recycled, the pool is clean and the food is rated perfect. You can watch a virtual tour of the beach here.

The Entrance fee at Jara beach is N27,750 day pass.


Amuwo Odofin

Ilashe beach consists of several private beach houses along the Amuwo Odofin coastline. Ilashe beach is by far the most popular private beach in Lagos. It is definitely an escape from the noise of the city, it is quiet and serene and the community indigenes are friendly and courteous. Ilashe is only accessible by water and is a 40 minutes boat ride from Lekki. There are banana boats readily available at CMS ferry terminal and there are speed boats and luxury boats available in Lekki, Victoria island and Ikoyi. 


The price per person for a boat ride to Ilashe Beach using a Banana boat is N1000 and N8000 per person using a speed boat or luxury boat. Here is an article on how to get affordable boat rides to ilashe.


You have to be aware that because ilashe beach is a private beach, you would have to book a beach house to be able to use the beach. Price of a beach house at ilashe ranges from N300,000 – 1 million naira. Check out this article on Beach houses at ilashe and their prices


Lighthouse beach house


Jaybee beach house


Things to know before you go to the beach

Price: Each beach varies in entry and spending fees. So, what’s your budget? Are you going alone or as a group? Put these questions in mind when comparing prices.

Location: After your moments of relaxation and rest, Lagos is still a city of hustle and bustle. Research and check your map, check for the beach closest to you. This also reduces the stress of commuting after your visit to the beach.

Popularity: Beaches have different degrees of popularity and audience, ask a couple of friends who love to hang out or speak to an expert like Kampari Tours.

Presence of resorts and lounges: If you plan on staying long at a beach, the quality of resorts matters a lot, make sure it is safe and conducive.

Now that you have a list of the popular beaches in Lagos, if you have any questions or you want us to help you plan your old school  reunion, company retreat, Proposal or birthday party, reach out to us on any of our socials below.


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