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Before we share the story of how it all started, here is a brief of what the kampari experience looks like, it is an amazing, fun packed personalized experience for all.

How it all began ...


Kampari tours is a dream come through for the visionary and fun-loving Kimberly Juliet Samugana. Her vision is to showcase Lagos through the eyes of the Lagoon while conserving nature and promoting tourism.
Kimberly has a strong background in client experience thus all services are delivered with the customers in mind.
Kampari tours’ goal is to make International Travel, Lifestyle and tourism in Nigeria affordable for all and you are sure to have a great experience.
She started kampari tours with 2 Kayaks, a partnership and 50 customers, with the primary goal of helping people like you discover true happiness, experience the magical water bodies, sensitize the people of the benefits of the water bodies and also using tourism in a fun way to connect cool and thrill-seekers like you


With over 4000 customers and still counting, 10 kayaks made by the finest manufacturers in the world, 20 boats partners and over 100 clients to 12 beautiful destinations across the world, we are excited about the many more success story to come.

Happiness shouldn’t be expensive and having fun should not translate to luxury, kampari tour provides a special experience for everyone, giving you an opportunity to have your own share of the amazing feel and view of the Lagos water bodies, with personalized kayaking, Lagos tour or Nigeria tour, Honeymoon Vacation, and boat cruising experience with your loved ones, team or just your amazing self.

You can build stronger team, family and relationship with the special and personalized tourism packages kampari tours has for you. These packages are team bonding, company retreat and reunions for both families and Businesses that wants to build fun inter-person culture.

kampari Tours

We give you the best

Happiness shouldn’t be one sided right, and we followed this principle when creating the kampari experience, just for your business growth, we created packages that will make your company’s workforce stay happy, connected, focused and determined to achieving your business goals

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Why it should be Kampari Tours

Adventurous Customer Experience
Conversational Experience
Cool Community of People

Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural

Badagry Trip

Adventurous Customer Experience

The kampari experience is not just a personalized tourism experience, it is packed with fun and happiness

Conversational Experience

Our tourism experience is a conversational one, we listen to you, & also share our experience from over the years.

Budget-Friendly Experience

Fun shouldn’t translate to luxury, and Kampari tours is an experience for all, without costing you much to experience true happiness and fun

Cool Community Of People

We share in the philosophy about life, that says work hard, play hard, let us know if you think you can be crazy than us.

Ready to adventure and enjoy natural