Company's Retreat in Nigeria just got easy to plan.

Team Bonding in Nigeria

Our consultants help you choose the right activity that suit the team’s need and company budget providing the right amount of fun while learning.

Team bonding in Nigeria can happen anywhere, with any budget, different teams/individuals and require different activities. We plan the best company retreats in Nigeria including Lagos.

We also plan budget friendly company retreat to Ghana, Benn Republic, Togo, Kenya, Rwanda, Mauritius and Uganda. It is our job to take the stress of you while giving you value for your money and time.

Company Retreat Packages in Nigeria

There are 3 ways we provide our team bonding service; 1. End to End bespoke planning 2. Subscription options for startups in Nigeria and 3. Hiring our games masters or Facilitators. If this is your first team bonding, we can help your company create a plan that runs year in year out. We want to take the stress off HR Managers and Business Owners so we created three plans to help keep your staff motivated and bonded. 

We have 3 plans; Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual plans. We’ve also got bespoke packages for you if the packages listed below do not appeal to you. Choose the right plan for your next Company retreat. Installmental payment available only for Quarterly and Biannual plan.

Team Bonding

Quarterly Plan



Covered :


Team Bonding

Biannual Plan



Covered :


Team Bonding

Annual Plan



Covered :


Team bonding in Lagos, Nigeria

If you have the location and other important items already taken care of but you need a facilitator or games master to handle the team bonding session of your program, look no further. We have facilitators and game master who handle the main team bonding activities, you can choose either of them depending on your budget, your company’s goal for the retreat and preference.  You can hire our facilitators or game masters as stand alone or incorporated into your activity for the day.


Our Facilitators are seasoned
& have 9 years of

Per Person


Games Master

Our Game masters have been
curating amazing sessions
for over 4 years

Base Fee


Team bonding in Nigeria,
the perfect getaway for your amazing team

What to expect when we host your team bonding

Unpack a magical experience that makes staffs bond and everyone relaxed.
We host amazing Team bonding retreats in Nigeria

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