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KAYAKING IN LAGOS, NIGERIA: The Complete Beginners Guide

In Lagos, it is difficult to relax, learn, and have fun at the same time. In fact, kayaking hardly comes to the mind of the average Nigerian. You will probably feel this way until you experience the breathtaking and mind-blowing thrills of kayaking in Lagos first-hand. Before you read the full story, here is an overview of what kayaking is all about:

Thrills of Kayaking (Photo credits: Kampari Tours)

What is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a watersport that involves paddling using a double-bladed oar and a small boat known as a kayak. Kayaks are canoe-like boats in which the paddler sits facing forward with legs in front. The paddler uses a double-bladed paddle to pull and rotate for movement. Kampari tours uses inflatable and non-inflatable kayaks with durable synthetic paddles. That’s not all. Here are some benefits of kayaking:

Benefits of Kayaking

There are many advantages when you kayak. Just to mention a few, kayaking helps to:

  • Achieve weight loss: Since it is a physical activity, kayaking helps to burn calories. Because it is also less intense, you burn more calories per hour compared to running or swimming. How cool is this?!
  • Increase your endurance: This activity also allows you to improve your stamina. Kayaking, at least three times a week boosts your energy levels by 20%. This will definitely increase the energy you can spend in your day-to-day activities. Especially if you work in Lagos.
  • Reduce your stress: Trust me, there is no better feeling when you cut through water with your muscle movements. This is truly therapeutic and serene.
  • Improve your heart health: Kayaking is also an aerobic sport. This means the heart muscles and its efficiency to pump blood is greatly improved.
  • Achieve a clear and happy mind: Since kayaking is aerobic, it releases certain chemicals in your brain. These chemicals are responsible for your confidence and positive mental health.

There are many more benefits, but it’s time to share a thrilling kayaking experience. This kayaking in Lagos experience is curated by Kampari Tours every month on specific weekends depending on the weather forecast.

Kayaking in Lagos
Learning to kayak with Kampari Tours

What it means to do Kayaking in Lagos

Your experience starts immediately you book the kayaking tour with Kampari Tours. After registration and payment, a mail is sent to your inbox containing location, instructions and specific time slots. There are different time slots for distinct groups, and it is important to book ahead and know your exact time. The instructions also include guidelines like: eat well from home, stay hydrated and ask questions. Life jackets will also be available at the venue and Kampari Tours would send a minimum of two reminders before your booked date.

The D-day is Here!

Your D-day finally arrives. You may feel scared, excited and even tempted to cancel but the truth is you will experience full joy at the end of the hangout. When you get to the venue, Sign in by ticking your name in the register, play some games and interact with other people, what is the essence of a hangout if you don’t network? If you arrive early, you will have time to interact with others. Use this opportunity to make new friends and share work-related experiences (you never know who is riding with you).

The smile on the client experience officer shows you are safe and in for the time of your life. The representative of Kampari Tours are all well trained and they readily welcome you with open arms..

Kampari Tours also has different board games to keep you engaged and entertained until it’s your turn. When it’s your turn, keep calm while the instructor guides you to the docks. At the entrance, they will give you a life jacket, and asked to take off your shoes. Make sure your life jacket is tight enough. (Don’t worry, there is also a lifeguard on standby just in case you forget)

At this point, you should be close to the kayaks. This is where the instructor tells you the do’s and don’ts of kayaking. She/he will explain the right way to hold the paddle and how to move once you are in your kayak. (“to move left, paddle right; to move right, paddle left.” You will get the gist once you are here). If you don’t understand, always ask the instructor to repeat. She/he is warm, friendly and willing to explain till you understand perfectly.

After lifejackets comes kayaking (Photo credits: Kampari Tours)

It’s time to Kayak!

Trust me, your first few moments might feel scary. The waves and the sudden heaviness of your paddles. You will even look insignificant right there in the ocean. The most important thing is to stay calm because this is where the fun starts. Start applying the instructions you were taught earlier. To go left, paddle right; to go right, paddle right. If you want to move forward, rotate both movements with the paddle facing backwards. You are already getting the hang of it, right?

After a while, you become accustomed to the waves and your arm movements. Enjoy your smooth kayaking afterwards. The next beautiful moments are indescribable and have to be experienced yourself.

Enjoy every moment!

If you are courageous like me, you can bring out your phone to take a quick selfie. Once you feel safe, record a video to capture the memories too. For a first-timer, the thrill and excitement starts when you overcome your initial fear. Challenge yourself, row as far as you can, compete with your fellow kayaking peers. Make sure you enjoy every minute on the kayak.

This is the experience you get when kayaking with Kampari Tours and we are sure yours will be more memorable and exciting. Here is how to book yours:

Have your own Kayaking in Lagos Experience Today 

To enjoy maximum fun and relaxation, you need to have this experience with the best. Kampari Tours is the only company that gives you the ultimate adventures on the water for the best prices. The hospitality and etiquette is also phenomenal. The price for a kayaking tour with Kampari is 5,000 Naira per hour and this covers Finger food and drink too. Compared to other fun activities in Lagos; kayaking allows you to relax, play, and learn at the same time. The experience is worth every kobo and you can get testimonies from  Jessica, Tennie, Ufuoma.

Check out a host of other testimonies and videos on youtube: https://youtu.be/y6ZxJcgpMmc

Kayaking in Lagos is perfect with Kampari Tours.

What are you waiting for? Book with a tour with us now.

Kayaking in Lagos
Book your Kayaking tour with us today. (Photo credit: Kampari Tours)

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