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Categories of kayak

Every association has their take on what the categories of kayaks are, the 2 Categories of kayaks are sit- on and sit-in. The reason for this is simple, whether you are using an inflatable or tandem, Canadian kayak, Play boats, River Runners, Creek boats or Old School, they are either Sit- in kayaks or Sit-on kayaks.

Sit- In Kayaks

When using Sit-in kayak, your legs are enclosed within a cockpit which prevents water from reaching your legs and out of the wind while helping you stay warm and dry, so sit-ins are typically used when you’re out on cold white waters.

The Cons of sit-in kayak is that if you do happen to capsize, exiting and re-entering your kayak is much more of a challenge than it is when using a sit-on kayak. Learning how to exit and re-enter a sit-in kayak underwater requires professional guidance. Sit in kayaks are used by Professionals and for major competitions, It is also majorly used in white waters. You can rent a Sit-In kayak in Nigeria: Lagos or Abuja.

Categories of kayak -sit in
Kayak in Lagos

Sit- On Kayaks

When using a sit-on-top kayak your legs are exposed but you have room, freedom and a good possibility to get wet. Usually spray from the waves and paddle splashes can enter the kayak and make you wet. Sit-on kayaks are best used in Calm warm temperature water.

The benefit of a sit-on design is that you can get on and off your kayak, like when you’re boarding or just feeling like going for a swim and on the occasion when you capside, you can re-enter the kayak from the water. The sit-on kayak is the most commonly used for recreational purposes, fishing and family time, it is easy to maneuver and exceptionally quick. They are also great for beginners to use. You can rent a Sit-On kayak in Nigeria: Lagos or Abuja

Categories of kayak -Sit on

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