The Ultimate Tourism Bucket list in Nigeria

It is amazing when you take a deeper look at the tourist attractions in Nigeria. This most populous black nation is richly blessed with glorious gigantic hills, and exotic beaches, Lush vegetation, and historical sites and welcoming people. If you are a tourist, or looking for the best vacation site away from home; then read on. We have compiled a detailed guide on the best tourism attraction sites to visit in Nigeria. We also added lesser-known locations that blew the minds of their visitors.

Are you ready? In no particular order, these places include:

1. The Royal Palace of Oba of Benin

Location: Benin City, Nigeria.

The palace is the home of one of the most powerful traditional rulers in the world – The Oba of Benin. Also a UNESCO Listed Heritage Site, the royal palace celebrates the rich culture of the Bini empire and its people. There are a few things you must not do when visiting this palace (e.g. whistling, wearing black and using umbrellas) However, the architectural designs and history taught by the tour guides are a magnificent sight to behold. There are several hotels around the palace where you can lodge for ask low as $28. You could also visit the historical museum, Victor Uwaifo palazza, Uniben ekenwan campus, ogba zoo and lastly Igun street. While you are here make sure you get at least one artifact.

2. The Ancient Nok Settlement

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Another ancient tourist attraction, the ancient Nok settlement houses terracotta figures which existed as far back as 1500BC. Incredible, right? And these terracotta figurines are still available in their museums. If you are a lover of history (and old things!); you must definitely visit this place whenever you are in Northern Nigeria. The Nok settlement is specifically located at Jaba local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

3. Kajuru Castle

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

A fortress with a twist; Kajuru castle is a luxury villa built by a German expatriate between 1981 and 1989. Developed with a medieval Roman style, the castle even has an armory and dungeon. How cool is this?! As a tourist centre, Kajuru is privately owned and operated on a exclusive basis. If you are looking for a luxurious gateway, this is your best bet. The castle is at Kajuru village, Kaduna state, Nigeria.

At this point, I hope you are not wondering if Nigeria is only occupied with castles, villages and palaces . Don’t worry. Check out these spectacular nature-based tourist centres.

4. Lagos Bar Beach

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Dubbed as the most popular beach in Nigeria, the Lagos bar beach has initially hosted famous public executions and excessive flooding incidents. Yet, the beach is currently hosting the Eko Atlantic project. Parts of the beach are still open to tourists and fun-seekers. To gain the full beach experience, you can always visit other beaches in Lagos. Kampari Tours presently offer boat cruises to Tarkwa Bay, La Campaigne Beach, and Ilashe Beach (to name a few).

5. Olumo Rock

Location: Abeokuta, Nigeria

Yes! Nigeria has mountains too. Olumo rock is a mountain in south-western Nigeria. It was even used during inter-tribal wars and protected the Egba people. Today, Olumo rock is a sight loved by adventure seekers. If you manage to get to the top; you will get an amazing view of Abeokuta. This tourist centre is also highly recommended by Tripadvisor.

6. Obudu Mountain Resort

Location: Cross River, Nigeria

Previously known as Obudu Cattle Ranch, this tourist centre is officially a ranch and resort on Obudu plateau, Cross River, Nigeria. This means you can now spend quality time while viewing magnificent nature spots. The resort is home to rare species of birds and drill monkeys. Also recommended by Tripadvisor, Obudu mountain resort is definitely a must-see for nature lovers.

7. Ogbunike Caves

Location: Anambra State, Nigeria

Ogbunike caves is a system of many caves linked together by small tunnels. These numerous passages create a certain thrill and excitement when navigating through them. A visitor called her experience, “beautiful, fun and scary.” Indigenes also claim there is a ‘talking stone‘ within the caves. I guess there is only one way to find out. Visit this impressive place yourself.

8. Ikogosi Warm Springs

Location: Ikogosi, Nigeria

Situated at the small village of Ikogosi, Ekiti state, Nigeria; Ikogosi warm springs resort is a perfect fit for history and nature lovers. It is also perfectly suited for leisure and business travel. The Ikogosi Warm Spring allows you explore the unique scenery of warm and cold spring flowing at the same time. Each spring still maintains its thermal properties despite the confluence.  You should definitely visit whenever you’re in southern Nigeria.

9. Ngwo Pine Forest

Location: Enugu, Nigeria

Ngwo pine forest is a national forest near the centre of Enugu. The beautiful arrangement of pine trees makes it a perfect tourist centre for visitors and indigenes. That’s all. Captivating limestone caves are found in Ngwo pine forest too. Waterfalls also add to the scenic beauty of the wondrous place. And yes, Ngwo pine forest is also perfect for meditation and picnics.

10. Yankari Game Reserve

Location: Bauchi, Nigeria

Rich history. Beautiful landscape. Abundant wildlife. Well developed tourist facilities. Your trip to northern Nigeria is not complete without a visit to Yankari game reserve. This famous national park is the most popular tourist attraction site in Nigeria. And there are so many beautiful places to see and experience right there at the park. From the large population of elephants to the warm springs; you must definitely seize this rare opportunity whenever you visit Nigeria.

Ten down and that’s not all. Here are four more tourist centres in Nigeria you must certainly visit too.

11. Lekki Conservation Centre

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

contributor on Tripadvisor once declared his experience at the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) as ‘the greatest.’ Doubling as an environment education centre and biodiversity conservation icon; LCC is endowed with abundant plant and animal life. This tourist centre is also home to the longest canopy pathway in Africa. This suspended walkway features six towers that rise over 22 feet each! If you are strong-willed and adventurous, this is a great place to push your limits. The Lekki Conservation Centre is always open to children and adults.

12. Badagry Town

Location: Lagos state, Nigeria

History lovers and passionate tourists would love this place. Badagry was once a contact point between European and local traders on the West African coast during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The town is filled with monuments, relics and museums. Different tour guides, including indigenes are there to marvel you with ancient tales. The first two-storey building in Nigeria was erected here in 1845 (and it still stands till date!) So get ready to step back in time when you visit Badagry Town.

13. Tinubu Square

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Yes, this tourist centre is located at Lagos too. And No, it is not named after the former governor of Lagos state (Bola Tinubu). Formerly called Independence Square, Tinubu Square is named after Madam Efunroye Tinubu. Madam Tinubu was a business tycoon and slave trader (there is actually a life-sized statue of her at the square). For an open space landmark, Tinubu square is unusually one of the most visited places in Lagos state. I guess you have to visit this place to find out why.

14. Nana’s palace

Location: Delta state, Nigeria

Last but not least on this bucket list is Nana’s Palace located in koko village in Delta state, Nigeria. While here the gate keeper would get you a history of the village if you are lucky while you chew on some edible worms and drink palmwine. The entrance to the town is heavily guarded and you would find beautiful historical artefacts in the palace museum. While in delta state make sur you visit Vega waterpark, the source of river Ethiope as well as mc carthy beach.

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