Top 10 things to do at the beach in Lagos, Nigeria

There are over thirty beaches in Lagos and each has a unique audience, pricing and experience. Lagos is full of life with wonderful places to explore, great night life and many fun things to do.  When you go to the beach you are mostly likely going there for a date, picnic, Family or old school reunion or team bonding but there are other fun activities you can do while you are at it.

Here are the top 10 things to do at the beach in Lagos.

  • Collect seashells: There is this sense of serenity when doing this activity especially if you are a collector or love to keep things organized. A memorable way to collect seashells is to have a gallery of every seashell you collect on the beach.
  • Build a sandcastle: Building castles is great for kids. If you are on a date with a playful partner, you should definitely try this too.
  • Play games: The possibilities of beach games are endless whether it’s a ball, Frisbee or simply drawing lines on the sand to play Tic-Tac-Toe, make sure you play games in the beach to maximize your fun and relaxation.
  • Have a picnic: Picnics are fun are colourful, you can take some really badass photos and look bougie on the beach. Ensure you have wine, some fruits, some food and a good phone and you are good to go. 
  •  Splash and play by the ocean shore: You can literally cool off by playing in the waves from the ocean but be very careful and obey all safety rules as waves can be dangerous and unpredictable. 

  •  Practice Yoga: They say Yoga improves vitality, energy and respiration. There is no better place to practice your yoga exercises than the serene beach itself.
  •  Read a book: Nerds are not left out too, the beach is a great location to catch up on your reading so feel free to pack those books when touring the beach.
  • Take photos: Boost your social media prowess by taking beautiful photos at the beach, this helps capture lovely moments and memories with your friends.
  • Have  a bonfire and tell stories: There is nothing better than having a bon fire with loved ones while listening to good jokes and folktale. 
  • Paint, sip and watch the sunset: End your day at the beach by painting something about your day. You can paint the sun setting over the horizon or paint the sea shells you collected which ever way you looking at it, sipping wine and painting is great therapy and good relaxation.

Now that you know the fun activities to do on the beach, the next step is to figure out the beach to visit. Here is the list of the best and popular beaches in Lagos, Nigeria. To make your search easier, we have also included the recent prices for entering these famous tourist attractions in Lagos.

Before you choose from any of the beaches in Lagos, make sure you have sorted out the following

  • Price: Each beach varies in entry and spending fees. So what’s your budget? Are you going alone or as a group? Put these questions in mind when comparing prices.
  • Location: After your moments of relaxation and rest Lagos is still a city of hustle and bustle, research and check your map for proximity. This also reduces the stress of commuting after your visit to the beach.
  • Popularity: Beaches have different degrees of popularity and class, make sure to ask some friends or tour experts on which best to visit. Kampari Tours can curate a beautiful experience for you and your friends and also advise on  the perfect beach destination that fits your needs.
  • Presence of resorts and lounges: If you plan on staying long at a beach, the quality of resorts matters a lot make sure it is safe and conducive.



This is great! You have all the information you need now so let’s here about your most recent beach visits in the comment section. 

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