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Romantic date and proposal ideas

It’s time to go for your first date or even just another date with your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband but you have run out of unique and romantic date ideas. It isn’t the amount of money spent on a date that matters, it is the tiny things, the moments, experience and quality time spent that matters. Win him or her over but doing any of these romantic gestures for your partner.


Romantic date idea (1): Picnic at the beach

If you are lucky to have a beach in your city why not maximize that? Nothing feels better than the sound of the ocean hitting the shores while you watch and sip some wine. The cool and nice breeze over your hair or just sun bathing.  It is simply quality time away from your phone, away from the noise and just you and your partner. While you are at the beach, you could play LUDO, pick up sea shells or just enjoy each other’s company.


Budget: Entrance to many beaches in Nigeria is within N1500 – N2000, some many ask for corkage fee to bring in your food basket.

To learn more, You can visit this webpage to find out additional activities performed on the beach: Top 10 things to do at the beach in Lagos, Nigeria



Unique Date idea (2): Go for a painting class

Painting is not often mentioned as a romantic thing to do in Nigeria but this creative hobby helps  relieve mental strain and stimulates emotional growth when performed with a loved one. Engaging in painting with your partner creates a sense of pride, happiness and a more optimistic approach in your relationship.

In Lagos, you can schedule painting as a date by going to a painting class or booking an artist for a private two-to-one session. Irrespective of your choice, painting becomes more romantic when you complement each other’s work and share feelings from your finished canvas to your hearts.


Budget: Painting class cost between N7,000 per person – N15,000 per couple depending on the package you go for.

To learn more, You can visit this webpage to find book a painting class in Lagos.



First date idea (3): Wine tasting dates

Wine tasting dates are yet another underrated but heartwarming romantic activity in Nigeria. There is a study stating partners enjoy a healthier relationship when they both share a drink. Wine tasting can be done in virtually any fancy restaurant in Nigeria. You can push this activity further by attending an official wine tasting event with your partner. Nonetheless, what is most important is the experience you get to share with your loved one while getting a perfect mix of fun, nice music and quality time.

To learn more, you can visit this webpage to find book a painting class in Lagos.



Romantic date idea (4): Boat tours and cruises

Nothing sounds bougie, classy and quality than a boat cruise with your partner especially when it comes as a surprise. Create a memorable experience while boat cruising with your date along a lake, lagoon across your city. Kampari Tours offer personalized boat cruises at budget friendly prices based on your preferred level of luxury and details.


Budget: N50,000 – N200,000 and this come with a bottle of wine, ice bucket, red petals, music and a captain when you book with kampari tours.


Adventurous date idea (5): Kayaking

If you a mix of nature and adventure in one date then you should try Kayaking. There are several places to kayak in Nigeria, you can kayak in Lagos Kampari tours or with Kayak Abuja in Abuja.


There are a few tips you must know before kayaking, check out our post KAYAKING IN LAGOS, NIGERIA: The Complete Beginners Guide.


Budget: N2000 – N6000 per person and with kampari tours, you get refreshment, photography, tutorial for one hour at a price of N5000 per person. Kampari Tours is already a sought-after destination for kayaking in Lagos and they can offer exclusive kayaking memberships to you and your partner.



Adventurous date idea (6): Paintballing

If you are looking for a very engaging date with lots of adrenaline then you definitely must go for Paintballing. It is also perfect if you and your partner like to compete or overcome obstacles together.  It is also a great way to see the fearless and carefree side of your partner. It is definitely one of the most memorable activity you will ever have with your partner in Lagos, it would bring you closer together and make you learn how to cope with important decisions under intense pressure.


Budget: N8000 for 100 paintballs and N7000 for 50 paintballs, you can always refill when you run out. So, what are your waiting for? Book a session now in Lagos island with Kampari tours.

Fun first date idea (7): Karaoke

Karaoke is arguably the most popular first date activity in Lagos. Originally developed in Japan, it is a type of interactive entertainment in which people sing along to recorded music (often an instrumental version of a well-known popular song) using a microphone.

Karaoke is a great way of knowing your partner more, as it is active, fun and allows meaningful conversations between songs. All you need to do is choose a karaoke venue, your music playlist and show up with a hot outfit!

You can join Karaoke nights in Major lounge across the country, you don’t have to pay for entry fee, you just have to buy drinks.


Unique proposal idea (8): Attend a Comedy Night

A comedy date night is definitely a unique place to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend, the environment is relaxed, fun and full of laughter. Although comedy nights are not often regarded as a means to bond with a partner, but it is uniquely unpredictable, and there will always be something to talk about after the show. This brings the needed increased levels of intimacy and communication you require in your relationship.

There is also a popular quote that says, “Laughter is the fiber of intimacy”. Now is the best time to strengthen that fiber. There are a lot of comedy clubs in Lagos, so doing this activity with your partner won’t be a hassle.


Budget: A regular ticket to major comedy night across the country vary from N5000 – N10,000.


Unique date idea (9): Shopping

Going on a shopping spree with your partner in Lagos is always so fun and quite romantic. The sightseeing and drifting from shop to shop while searching for something, the thrill and excitement are doubled when you are with someone who you love dearly and values your presence.

As a romantic activity, shopping gives you the opportunity to have conversations, learn a bit more about your partner including their likes and dislikes. For instance, something as mundane as trying clothes in a shop’s changing room is an chance to be the focus of your partner’s attention in terms of appearance. There are a lot of shopping malls in Lagos, with the most popular ones being Ikeja city mall and Palms shopping mall; so free to explore as you wish.


Romantic date idea (10): Get a Couples Massage

Couples’ massage is a massage for two people, at the same time, in the same private room, but performed by two massage therapists on two separate massage tables.

Is any specific reason to get a couples’ massage? Yes, there certainly is. For instance, when you get a great massage, your body releases oxytocin, the “love hormone” that creates a sense of affection and love hence increased affection during and after the massage section. You can book a massage at  day spas and wellness centres or get a private session with a seasoned therapist.



Romantic date idea (11): Pedal Boat Cruise

If you want a mix of nature, adventure and romance in one date then you should try Pedal Boat Cruise. Pedal boat cruise is a very new concept in Nigeria and in Lagos, it was first brought into lime light by Kampari tours. Going pedal boating is a unique romantic activity for several reasons; It is engaging, offers a one on one time alone with your partner, it is adventurous and enthralling especially when it is done as a surprise.


Budget: N20,000 for 2 hours cruise, a bottle of wine, petals and music. You can book with kampari tours in Lekki Lagos.


Adventurous Date idea (12): Take a spontaneous road trip

This romantic activity is only meant for the bold, and adventurous couple. This is because road trips are not easy to execute but traveling with your partner is fun once you get the hang of it.

The most important advice in taking a spontaneous road trip is to plan together as a couple, enjoy your destination and make time for fun on the road. Then, you will create beautiful unforgettable memories as you explore.


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